Unity For All is the website of the charitable trust ‘Zukunft für Ichhapur’.
It supports the General School in Ichhapur, district Jagatsingphur in Odisha (previously Orissa), India. The motto ‘Unity For All’ stands for our wish to create together with the children, teachers and supporters of the school an understanding of the connectedness of all humanity in a global world.

On our site you can find information about the history of the school and the trust. It contains information on our projects, and in our photo gallery we would like to give an impression of people’s life in Ichhapur.

boys?????? Girls

In 2012, in collaboration with the children of the Ichhapur school and the children of the partner school in Eltze/Uetze in Germany, the book Children for a global world was released. In this collection of stories young and old readers alike discover similarities and differences in the lives of the German and Indian children, and can appreciate their varying views on life.
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