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In August 2012 we published the book
ChildrBook Cover Imageen for a global world. It is a joint work by the children from the German school in Eltze/Uetze, district Hanover and the children of the school in Ichhapur. Their stories reflect the world as seen through their eyes. Aside from the differences in their perspectives, you can also read about their similarities, such as the importance of friends, animals and sports.

For book orders please contact: unityforall@arcor.de
(Price: 12 Euro incl. shipping within Germany)
The proceeds of the book are used to set up a computer class and a library in Ichhapur.

Read an excerpt of the book:
Anurag’s story “Fun in the monsoon” and Sina’s story “My beastly good home

A teacher shows the book to the children

A teacher shows the book to the children

After reading the stories some children expressed their reactions:

My dear friends,
I read your stories. One day I will go to Germany. I will make a snow man in the snow. I will go to your hut and eat chocolates there. I will sleep in the upper berth (bed). I will see sister Sina’s animals.
I will ride on the horse. I will bring cake for my family. I could know how one and one became six. I saw your bicycle. I and my sister want very much to ride one. I like play in water. I will take bath in your river and come back.
I want to be your friend.
Srabani Sahoo (age 7, dated 15.9.12)

[Comment from Sujata: "She wrote the letter on the computer and translated it herself "]

Dear Sina,
I liked your article that came in the book Children for a global world published by the combined effort our school children in India and yours in far off Germany. The love and feeling for animals by your family is really praise worthy in the present time when every body is self centered and busy. Nowadays the mishaps due to the imbalance in nature, we can say, is a major threat to the whole world. So mankind should take steps to safeguard trees and animals.
Your way of thinking is an inspiration for us. In the future I surely will try to do something for their safety. You seem to be bit young to me to be my friend. But after 10 years that will not look like a gap at all. In the end I say “Hello??? to all of you on behalf of my friends.
With love and good wishes
Anurag?? (age 13, written  to Sina [age 10], dated 18.11.12)

[Comment from Sujata: "I had asked the children at Ichhapur to write to the German children if they wanted to. This boy has written completely on his own. He stays in the boarding. I helped him to translate the letter into English. It is so nice to know the feelings of a child."]

The authors of the book

The authors of the book

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