In 2012 the trust “Zukunft für Ichhapur” decided to focus the use of incoming donations to increasingly support educational programmes. This will comprise the support of computer lessons, setting up a library, providing sports equipment and offering the possibility for artistic education in the form of Indian classical dance and music.
Advanced teacher training and efforts to raise awareness among parents and the villagers will follow. The long-term goal is to establish a college to continue education past grade 10.

Good news: From the proceeds of the sale of the book “Children for a global world” a class with nine computer places was set up in 2013. A teacher was hired who teaches the students of 6th to 8th grade. Enthusiasm among the children is great. Their parents pay a small fee for this additional course. Those who are not able to afford it receive scholarships.

New soccer shirts for girls too! in front of new sports equipment Rehearsal for a performance
Dance performance Dance performance with girls and boys Acrobatics

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